We are nourishing people from rich sources. Greenmile secures the supply of nutrient-rich products by the most up-to-date international standards. Greenmile is committed to producing and sourcing nutrient-rich products in an economical, environmentally sustainable, and socially responsible manner. we believe that improving the lives of farmers goes hand-in-hand with our business success. This is the vision that underpins our Promise: a commitment aimed at securing people’s health.


The seeds are planted carefully and are protected with love while growing with a plethora of efforts until they transform into super-rich nutritious products to secure the world's food.


Products are harvested at the best time, benefiting full maturity which leads to a great source of nutrients. They are treated and protected carefully to prevent harm.


Raw materials are hand-picked, then triple-washed, dried up, being sorted carefully with various methods, X-ray scanned, packed and metal detected. The whole process is monitored carefully.


More than a supplier, as a consultant, we are well-prepared to take care of safe shipment to your destination worldwide. All you need to do is to put the order.

Process of

When the raw products arrive at the manufacturing plant, they are emptied onto wire screens and shaken to remove dirt and other unwanted debris. They are also inspected to ensure that they meet previously determined specifications. If so, they are ready to be processed by the most up-to-date equipment to be shipped worldwide. Let’s take a tour of the processing plant.

Vibratory Separation

After being inspected at arrival, the intense vibration removes filth and foreign objects (e.g. stones or grass) from the raw materials.

Cascade Wash

The products are thoroughly rinsed on a cascade wash, where several water streams remove all the foreign objects from the raw materials.

Drying & Cooling

Products are dried under the temperature of 60° C for 2-3 hours, until the humidity of the products would reaches 15-17%. Then being cooled to maintain quality.


The debris is removed by running raisins on a fine mesh screen while air is blown on them. Conveyor belts with slots of different sizes sort the raw materials.

Manual Sorting

This procedure allows making sure that the products are clean and qualitative. The imperfect grains are removed and are sent to laser sorting.

Laser Sorting & X-Ray Scanning

After being laser sorted, X-ray scanning throws away all the foreign objects (glass, plastics, metal, plastic film)

Metal Detection

Products then are packed and passed through a metal detection device. Eventually, products are ready to be exported worldwide.

Dried Apricots

Almost the same process is done to raw dried apricots to make them high quality ready to use nutritious food

It's all about
Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, the world established a roadmap for a more sustainable future – one that improves livelihoods, protects our planet’s ecosystems, and promotes inclusive growth for the benefit of all. This 2030 Agenda and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals are being embraced by all segments of society, from governments to businesses. Greenmile supports the SDGs and is helping advance the goals that are most relevant to our business through our policies and activities

Our Commitment
Considering our visions, Greenmile is committed to doing its responsibilities perfectly to support SDGs.