Uniquely Harvested Dates From Middle-eastern Palms

How Greenmile Works To Nourish The World

Uniquely Harvested Dates

Rooted in Iranian traditional farming and international business expertise, Greenmile Dates offers a wide range of conventional and organic dates and date ingredients to over 3 continents.

At Greenmile, we grow and harvest five organic and conventional date varieties. Each Greenmile date is carefully hand-picked and selected to ensure the highest quality and freshness. The unique combination of the desert warmth, low humidity and the Iranian grower’s experience result in products of the highest possible quality

Greenmile Dates

Variety of Dates

At Greenmile, we grow and harvest five organic date varieties: Mazafati, Sayer, Piarom, Kabkab and Zahedi.
We also produce chopped dates and date paste which is widely used in food industry as sweeteners.

Let us have a quick look at variety of dates we safely supply

Greenmile Farms

Based on over 15 years of experience as an exporter, moreover, benefiting the state-of-art manufacturing plants, Green Commodity supplies and exports a variety of instant food ingredients safely and sustainably.

Manufacturing under the surveillance of its knowledgeable experts has enabled Green Commodity to guarantee safer foods worldwide.