Date Paste

Date paste is a great substitute for a variety of sweeteners. It is widely used in food industry as sweetener. It can be used in house recipes as well. People who do not want to use sugar in their daily diets can use dates or date paste as a natural and nutritive sweetener instead. Date paste can easily be used as an ingredient for all kinds of cakes and sweets. Dates are the fruit of the palm tree and grow in desert and tropical areas.

During the fruit ripening process, sunlight concentrates its natural sugar, giving it a caramel and sweet taste. Date paste is obtained from a combination of date fruit and water. There must be enough water if we want to have an even and smooth paste. Unlike artificial sweeteners, date paste contains a lot of fiber.

Our date paste is obtained by a few types of dates containing high nutritious items, under quality controlled method.

It is safely packed in food grade plastics, with carton boxes covering it, so that it could be easily loaded inside containers, avoiding damage and anything unfavorable.