Sayer Dates (Sair)

Sayer dates (Persian: سایر ‎; also called Sair Date, Istamaran Date, Stamaran Date) is a semi-dried type and one of the most famous Iranian dates, including 40% of the annual share of Iranian dates exports. It is worth mentioning that it is not necessary to store this type refrigerated it is not sensitive to temperature. Moreover, this type has a long shelf life, making it the most favorable and advantageous type for industries, as well as consumers. 

Sair dates are divided to 3 sizes, from FAQ (the smallest), GAQ, and Select (the tallest), sorted and packed depending on customers’ desire. Benefiting a state-of-art processing plant, we offer both pitted and non-pitted Sair dates.

Benefiting semi-dry texture along with stunning flavor, low moisture and good source for iron, potassium, minerals and antioxidants are have enabled Sair dates to be known as the most approved Iranian date worldwide.

The harvest time of Sayer dates is  from early September to October.

Easy storage and transport along with very competitive price have led this type into top ranks of accepted dates in most of the world, specifically North America, Europe, Australia, …