Zahedi Dates

Zahedi (Zahidi) dates have the lowest moisture content among all famous varieties, ranging from 10% to 14% categorizing it as semi-dry type.
The color of Zahedi dates is mainly golden and in some areas it tends to be dark orange. The shape of this date is oval and the ratio of meat size to kernel is significant.

Since Zahedi dates are very nutritious, they have many fans during Ramadan. Dates are a mine of fiber, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and many essential vitamins such as A, B and C that are necessary for the body’s health and protection of cells against various types of cancer.

Zahedi dates do not need refrigeration for storage and transportation, and this reduces the cost of transportation and storage and reduces the potential risks of transportation, so it has been considered by many importers and commercial companies.

Most of Iran’s Zahedi dates are exported to Arab countries such as the UAE, Qatar, Malaysia, Indonesia and Turkey, European countries such as Germany, Sweden, France and Switzerland are Iran’s second largest export market after the Arab league. There is a rising market for zahedi dates in India and south African countries