From the southern Arava through the Dead Sea and the Jordan Valley and up to the Sea of Galilee.

Agrifood’s plantations are able to supply all date varieties with flexible availability throughout the year.

These areas have a perfect climate for growing dates, making them so special in size and taste, The unique combination of the desert warmth, low humidity and the Israeli grower’s experience result in products of the highest possible quality.


Sorting and packing takes place in our 2 main facilities
“BEKAOT” and “RIMON” packing houses are the most modern and advanced of their kind:

• Top technology with state-of-the-art 8 channels sorting machinery capable of sorting more than 30 tons per day under strict quality control.

• We provide various packing solutions – traditional alongside modern.

• Sorting and packing are all according to Agrifood’s specifications and guidelines as well as “BRC, “Global Gap” and “Organic” accredited.

• Agrifood provides a carefully drafted set of solutions, both for our domestic and world-wide clients.


From Tree to Luxurious Boutique

Rooted in Arabian culture and hospitality since 1936, Bateel enjoys an unparalleled legacy as the world’s only gourmet date grower, producer and seller. Inventor of the gourmet date and founder of the luxurious date boutique, Bateel not only elevated the noble fruit to a premium level but created a new market.

Our Farms

Our organic date farms are nestled in a fertile oasis in the Al Ghat region of Saudi Arabia, north of the capital Riyadh. Here, by the historic green valleys of the Tuwayq Mountains, over 100,000 date palm trees grow, basking in the temperate climate and naturally flowing sweet water for irrigation.

This unique terroir lends to the inimitable taste of every Bateel date.


Sustainable Farming

Using the best farming practices, Bateel’s cultivation techniques are kept as close to nature as possible. Date palm trees can live as long as a century and produce up to 150 kilograms of fruit each year.

Every date palm is watered from the naturally occurring desert wadi, transforming the landscape into a fertile reserve. Our strategically placed irrigation system is channeled across the farm to enable farmers to recycle and preserve the readily available water of the land.

Bateel groves produce nearly 2,000 tonnes of organic waste per year, all of which is returned to the farm as nutrient-rich compost. We take great pride in our overarching organic ethos and continue to innovate, using unique sustainable methods for abundant yields.

The species are dioecious – meaning there are males and females – and pollination is dependent on human assistance. Bateel painstakingly places branchlets of male white flowers amongst female blossoms in a process that requires constant care and attention. Only female trees produce fruit and, once pollinated, the tree begins to produce fruit after six years.

Branches of our date palms are regularly thinned, even if it means cutting away 50 percent of the fruit. The thinning process ensures optimum air circulation and space, so the remaining fruits grow to their best potential. As they begin to ripen, maturing dates are enveloped in well-ventilated cloth to deter birds and insects, which also helps avoid the use of pesticides


World Class Production

As soon as the dates are harvested by hand in Saudi Arabia, they are immediately stored to halt further ripening and lock in flavours. The fruit is then cleaned using state-of-the-art technologies, before being assessed and graded to match stringent standards for size, colour, translucency and skin condition. This ensures quality and consistency and is why every Bateel date is the best of the best.

The dates are then transported to our world-class, fully integrated state-of-the-art facility in Dubai, where a team of dedicated artisans prepare and stuff dates with premium nuts, candied fruits and chocolate. The fruit is incredibly delicate, so it’s a highly-skilled craft that’s still done entirely by hand.