Piarom Dates

Piarom  is a cultivar of the palm date originating from southern Iran. It is large, with thin, black-brown skin. It is one of the semi-dry date varieties. Many Piarom dates are produced in the vicinity of Hajjiabad, Hormozgan in southern Iran.

Piarom dates are commercial and first-class dates that are considered as a special variety of export dates due to their appearance and suitable quality and high nutritional value.

The main sugar in Piarom dates is fructose, which is a completely natural sugar and can be converted into energy by liver cells.

The thin skin of Piarom dates is dark brown and due to the fact that the flesh and skin of the date are completely attached to each other, it has given a beautiful and desirable appearance to this type of date.

Due to the fact that most of the sugar in it is fructose, it is easily and quickly used in the body’s metabolism, and those who have consumed this date once, due to its delicious taste and desirable appearance and other nutritional properties, usually become regular consumers.

Piarom dates are rich in sugars, proteins and other minerals and have high nutritional value and due to the high tolerance of Piarom dates against salinity.