Greenmile is a fast-growing supplier and exporter of nutritious products such as dried fruits, nuts, and beans, sourcing from rich lands of Central Asia, The company is headquartered in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, having a regional office in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Believing in capacities, we have the goal of benefiting various markets from our goods. Farming is our first mission, which secures partially the quality and safety of products. Our team of professionals helps farmers grow more and enhance their qualities continuously. Safe and sustainable nutritious products are consistently provided to the markets worldwide, as it has been our commitment to care about people’s health and well-being. Greenmile is considered a reliable path to nourish the people consistently. Finished goods are delivered to customers in the foodservice, retail, consumer-packed and industrial sectors. International companies all over the world that want to nourish their markets and looking for products with a rich source of nutrients can rest assured that Greenmile is home to fulfill their needs.




We have been utilizing incredibly rich lands to provide nutritious products globally. Based on this gift and almost 20 years of experience in international trade as an exporter, now we call ourselves a reliable and accountable supplier. we apply that expertise to serve customers and communities in our markets. We have been working every day to nourish the world in a safe, responsible, sustainable way.

Customer Care

We share our business with our customers. The better services we offer, the more sustainability is obtained.

Farmer Education

We educate farmers to improve continuously as we believe that farming is a first key to perfect products. Growers play a significant role for us.

Food Safety

Strict industry standards play a critical role in our foundational safety programs and practices. People's well-being and health is our first priority.

Export Experience

Having almost 20 years of experience in international markets, it has become a culture to respect and realize various market requirements.


The main goal is to leverage global knowledge across markets. Innovative activities have been undertaken by Greenmile in developing new products and services or improving existing ones. We look to our technical team to help fuel our future growth. The more we invest in R&D, the longer our company lives. The first phase of R&D is started from planting. Qualified varieties of seeds lead to the best quality and non-GMO products. In addition, we must keep the cultivation in the safest circumstances to avoid any harm to crops. The technical team always does their best to maintain and improve safety, as well as quality. The R&D team always interacts firmly with the processing phase, from when raw products arrive, until when they are ready for shipping. Considering the importance of product safety, the most up to dated researched solutions are applied to fulfill our market’s desires and needs. R&D’s mission is to try to maintain and improve cooperation with customers and satisfy them regarding their needs and global issues.