Greenmile Dates

About us

Rooted in Iranian traditional farming and international business expertise, Greenmile Dates offers a wide range of conventional and organic dates and date ingredients to over 3 continents.

At Greenmile, we grow and harvest five organic date varieties: Mazafati, Sair (Sayer), Piarom, Kabkab and Zahidi. Each Greenmile date is carefully hand-picked and selected to ensure the highest quality and freshness. The unique combination of the desert warmth, low humidity and the Iranian grower’s experience result in products of the highest possible quality

We also supply Date paste, which is widely used in food industry as sweetener.

Greenmile Dates

That is how we do it

Harvesting, sorting and repacking.
In most cases, as soon as the dates are harvested by hand in Iran, they are immediately stored to halt further ripening and lock in flavours. The fruit is then cleaned using state-of-the-art technologies, before being assessed and graded to match stringent standards for size, colour, translucency and skin condition. This ensures quality and consistency and is why every Greenmile date is accepted to be one of the bests in Iran